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12 February 2020 @ 09:17 pm
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08 March 2011 @ 12:05 am
jaejoong was an orphan since he was young. a certain man named mr jung secretly adopted him and took him in japan, for his family not to find out about this. mr jung provided everything for jaejoong, and because of his kindness, jaejoong fell deeply in love with the man despite their age gap. jaejoong became mr jung's mistress.

yunho has everything. he's rich, smart, good-looking and a very loving parents. his parents were always at work but everytime they're together, it's always happy. his dad, mr jung always goes to japan. but yun and his mother were ok with it because they know that it's for business.

til' one day, mr jung died from a certain heart disease. his funeral was held in korea and jaejoong didn't know anything about his secret lover's death. years have passed, jaejoong became brokenhearted because his lover never went back and yunho and his mother found out about mr jung's mistress in japan (can't think of any reason how they found out about it. sorry..). mrs. jung sent out yunho to japan to investigate further about jaejoong and to make his life miserable.  

yunho went to japan and introduced himself to jaejoong. jae didn't expect to meet yunho instead of mr jung himself. yun told him about his father's death and jae was desperate to know  where he was buried but yun didn't want to tell him. he wanted to make jae's life miserable even before jae can see his father's tomb. 

so yun told jae that he would only see his father's tomb if jae sleeps with him until he's satisfied. uhmm.. the rest is up to you~ ^^
08 December 2010 @ 08:41 pm
 yunho is a rich, arrogant man. (if you have watched sungkyunkwan scandal, his attitude is comparable with Ha Insoo). he fell in love with jaejoong but jaejoong doesn't even give him a chance because he's in love with siwon (or any other guy/girl). Yunho tries every mean way to win jaejoong's heart. (really, you have to watch SKKS and observe Ha Insoo, the way Ha Insoo tries to win Choseon's heart) and the more he tries, the more Jaejoong hates him. til one day, siwon almost met an accident but yunho saved him. he saved him because he loves jaejoong so much that he doesn't want to see him in pain if siwon died. so he was in coma for months then he woke up not remembering anything.. especially Jaejoong...
15 November 2010 @ 11:02 pm
 HIGHSCHOOL YUNJAE. yunjae were in a relationship.. til one day, yunho got sick of their relationship that he wants to break it off with jae..but he just can't say it to jae.. then he became a bit harsh to jaejoong.. i imagine this kind of line from yun..
"you're not my first priority bec you're just my boyfriend."
then yunho is not romantic to jae anymore.. there was even a time where jaejoong talked about their future.especially them going to Paris. he wanted to go to Paris with yunho but then yun became mad.. because he hates it when jae talks about THEIR future.. then jae was like "do you even have plans on your life?" then yunho answered, "yes i have, and you're not a part of it.." so things like that.. then jaejoong looks at yun's phone and saw that he's been flirting with another girl..then jae realized that yun's not worth it anymore, coz they're always fighting.. so jae decided to break up.. til' years later, probably when they're 25-27 yrs. old.. they accidentally met in Paris... both of them having their own lovers in tow..
14 September 2010 @ 07:43 pm
jaejooong and yunho are lovers.. they really love each other and jaejoong really wants to marry yunho.. since jaejoong really insists on marrying his lover, yunho gave in.. they made all the preparations.. everything that a couple needs in their wedding was already prepared.. on the day of the wedding, yunho didn't show up.. it turns out that yunho was already married to some other woman.

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To Say He's Sorry
22 June 2010 @ 11:22 pm
so YUNJAE were in a relationship before then broke up.. yunho left JAejoong pregnant without him knowing..until a few years later, Jaejoong came knocking on Yunho's door bringing with him their son. Yunho was surprised, of course, and became extremely happy. JAejoong still loves Yunho but YUnho's feelings were gone. Jaejoong begged for Yunho to let him and their son move in with him. for the sake of their son. but in reality, Jajeoong is dying. He has cancer (or any terminal illness). He came back to Yunho's life because he wanted his son to be with his father after he dies. and because he wanted to have a happy family with Yunho before he dies. but YUnho was not being cooperative, since he fell out of love for jaejoong. and as time passed by, Yunho seems to enjoy having a happy family with Jae.. and the moment that their love was about to start again, it was too late

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22 June 2010 @ 11:07 pm
inspired by the song "i can't be tamed"

so jaejoong bought yunho from an auction. yunho is a half man-half bird (lol.. probably anything with wings.. just see the MV of this song) ... Yunho doesn't wanna be tamed. he always roams around every night trying to find someone to fuck. and no matter how Jaejoong wants to be close to Yunho, the man seems to avoid him. telling jaejoong that nobody orders him around. jaejoong wanted yunho to stop fucking around every night, he even tried to offer himself to the man but was rejected. until he resorted to cutting the man's wings off. yunho was enraged at Jaejoong. because he trusted the man and yet this is what he did to him. he loved the man and tried not to taint him with his "Beastly hands" and yet this is what he gets...
22 June 2010 @ 10:57 pm
this plot was inspired by If we Ever Meet again MV

so Yunho likes art. he loves going at museums whenever there's something new. then one day he noticed this young man that he always sees in the museum. this young man looks suspicious. until one day, series of art pieces were stolen every night. of course Yunho, won't let this pass since he REALLY loves art. on the museum again, he saw the young man. he tried to follow him. and of course the young man noticed him and led him to his house. he revealed his face to Yunho and then the man was awed by the young man's beauty, who was Jaejoong. then yunho, forgetting his real intention, he tried to woo Jaejoong. without him knowing, Jaejoong was the person who steals the art pieces every night. Jaejoong also seduced Yunho with the intention of setting him up in the crime. until the time comes, police came and arrested Yunho, then he found out that he was set up by Jaejoong..