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08 March 2011 @ 12:05 am
mistress jae  
jaejoong was an orphan since he was young. a certain man named mr jung secretly adopted him and took him in japan, for his family not to find out about this. mr jung provided everything for jaejoong, and because of his kindness, jaejoong fell deeply in love with the man despite their age gap. jaejoong became mr jung's mistress.

yunho has everything. he's rich, smart, good-looking and a very loving parents. his parents were always at work but everytime they're together, it's always happy. his dad, mr jung always goes to japan. but yun and his mother were ok with it because they know that it's for business.

til' one day, mr jung died from a certain heart disease. his funeral was held in korea and jaejoong didn't know anything about his secret lover's death. years have passed, jaejoong became brokenhearted because his lover never went back and yunho and his mother found out about mr jung's mistress in japan (can't think of any reason how they found out about it. sorry..). mrs. jung sent out yunho to japan to investigate further about jaejoong and to make his life miserable.  

yunho went to japan and introduced himself to jaejoong. jae didn't expect to meet yunho instead of mr jung himself. yun told him about his father's death and jae was desperate to know  where he was buried but yun didn't want to tell him. he wanted to make jae's life miserable even before jae can see his father's tomb. 

so yun told jae that he would only see his father's tomb if jae sleeps with him until he's satisfied. uhmm.. the rest is up to you~ ^^