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12 February 2020 @ 09:17 pm
++ Adopted Plot Bunnies++  

yunjae are happily married and they are so in love. then after years of relationship, they decided to have their own child. during the pregnancy, yunjae became more in love with each other. then when the baby came out, they found out that their son is autistic (or has down syndrome). and yun started to hate his child, blaming jae. he keeps on teling jae that he probably cheated to him and that he was not the father of their child. then they always fight, leading yun to go home late at night or even cheat on jae to some other woman. which, lead to more fighting then divorce. then after how many years, yun found a new girlfriend and she teaches at a school which specializes in special children. then everytime he goes to that school to visit his gf, an autistic child kept on following him or sometimes he just suddenly hug yun. then until he met the parent of the child, which is jae, then blah blah blah.. i leave the rest to you.

Adopted by:: kioku_kagami (at her community: kioku_nyx )
Title:: Forever Ours


jae is from a rich family. his parents own one of the most powerful business in korea. he has fallen in love with yun since he was young (jae is a college student here already). he didn't have a courage to confess to yun. first because yun doesn't know that he exist, second he was a player until he meets *insert name of girl (example: seul gi)*. yun was a player before. he had a lot of girlfriends and he is a happy-go-lucky guy until he met *seul gi*. he thinks that seulgi is his true love and he changed a lot since *seulgi* became his girlfriend. he even deprived himself from sex because he doesn't want to tarnish seulgi's innocence. until one day jae's parents decided to arrange a marriage for jae to the only daughter of Bae so that their business will not only be well-known in Korea but also to other countries in Asia. the marriage will happen in 5 months. jae is aware that he will be married to yun's girlfriend after 5 months. after he have known about the marriage he gained courage to confess to yun because he wants yun to acknowledge his feelings before the 5 month ends. when he confessed he got rejected and since he's so desperate to date yun before he get married, he blackmailed yun (blackmail is up to you). yun was so mad because jae blackmailed him but still he accepted jae's confession and then they dated (yun isn't aware of the arranged marriage and yun and seulgi are still together. he just keep his "relationship" to jae as a secret.). yun was so cold to jae during the start of their "relationship". jae wasn't satisfied at how yun treats him so he started to offer his body too. yun first refused but since he's been deprived of sex for a long time, he accepted. then yun thought that he can also gain some "benefit" in their "relationship". since he doesn't want to "touch" seulgi, he releases his desire to jae. when the end of 5 month is nearing it's end, yun started to have feelings for jae and jae can see it too. until one day yun's friend told seulgi about his relationship with jae. she doesn't want to let go of yun because she has an illness and she doesn't have so much time. she wants to spend her remaining time with yun. when yun came to know about seulgi's illness and marriage, he became guilty and he spent more time to seulgi than jae. he becomes cold again to jae and told him that he only used him for sex. jae became furious and he started hating yun. the wedding did not happen because seulgi eloped with yun. until after how many years (maybe 3-5 years), yun and jae meet again and this time seulgi's already dead and jae is full of hatred to yun.

Adopted by:: kioku_kagami 
Title:: Our Hollow Ties


jae is a servant of the jung family. ever since he worked there, he fell in love with the heir (yunho). but he can't confess because he's just poor and yun's in love with seulgi. yun knows about jae's feelings and he's really irritated with it because he hates gay. one day yun got dumped by seulgi and he went home really drunk. since jae was the only servant awake he helped yun in his room. with yun's state he forced jae into sex and jae can't resist. when morning came they were awaken by yun's parents and yun got really angry at jae because he thought that jae took advantage of his drunk state. his parents of course were angry. the family kicked jae out of their house and they even burned jae's house. jae's family died and someone rich and good hearted (the choi family) took jae into their house. then jae got pregnant. he has no intention of telling it to the jungs because of what they did to his family. siwon fell in love with jae and he decided that he will also take care of jae's child like his own son. after 5 years siwon died and jae was the one who managed his company. until one day the jung and choi company meet for some business partnership. will yun still recognize him? will jae tell yun about their son? it's up to the person who will adopt this one....

Adopted by:: fathi_jae (at her communityleadersinger )
Title:: You


yun as a secretary and jae as the boss...

Adopted by:: razra_eizel (at her community seiryuu_temple )
Title:: Office Amenity



jae was hungry and ordered some pizza. when the delivery came, he was attracted with the delivery boy (yunho) and invited him in, then jae started seducing him.

Adopted by:: holdmestill 
Title:: Delivery Boy

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herakleionherakleion on September 25th, 2010 04:00 am (UTC)
Happy belated birthday.
Wish you all the best. GBU
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