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12 May 2010 @ 01:35 pm

i hate it when my friends tell me that DBSK disbanded already or will be…  We all know that DBSK is having a hard time already, and us fans, too. and with them saying those things, it hurts us more. it’s not helping us at all. eventhough they’re not fans of DBSK, i just hope that they’ll encourage us, cheer us up, and tell us that they will sure be back. that’s what friends are for, right? i’m having a hard time letting out my true feelings regarding DBSK since i don’t know any DBSK fans near my place. though i have a few kpop fan friends, for me it’s somehow still not enough, because sometimes they don’t understand how i feel. ok, i have this evil thought in my head whenever they tell me that DBSK will surely disband. ‘someday, you’ll feel what I feel.’.one more thing - ANTI’S. they are surely taking their sweet time bashing DBSK. why? because DBSK is in crisis right now and they are taking advantage? why don’t they try doing that on the peak of DBSK’s career and i’m sure they will be left speechless.

another secret..remember when SME asked JCS to compromise with them ‘coz they’re planning for a comeback this spring, but JCS didn’t? well, if they did, i’m quite sure that it would be DBSK who is releasing a new album now and not SJ..(ok, i don’t hate SJ)… and i was thinking that all songs from the BONAMANA album were meant to be sang by DBSK and since JCS didn’t compromise, they gave it to SJ instead.. but after hearing the song, i changed my mind.  I guess this album is not for DBSK, then. MIINA is quite autotuned and DBSK doesn’t suit that kind of song. i mean, why do they have to sing autotuned songs, right? their voice are fantastic and autotuned songs will just ruin it.

and i like SORRY, SORRY more that MIINA..

MIINA is like, a combination of diff kpop songs like

sorry sorry

ring ding dong


man man hani

10 May 2010 @ 10:20 am


I'm not that stupid to jump into the fire again.Collapse )

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06 April 2010 @ 09:02 pm
jung yunho is an unwanted child.his mother was raped by some gang when she was 15 and got pregnant. so once he we was born, he was given away by some couple. unfortunately for yunho, this couple always beats him to death, good thing he was strong enough and as he was beaten, the hate for his biological mother is growing. until he was mature enough, he left the house and worked hard to finish a degree in college. since he's smart, at 24 he became a professor. one of his students was kim jaejoong who was 16 and is a son of a very rich family. he noticed that his student was taking interest on him, and he was too... he started digging up on jaejoong's information and found out that they are half-brothers.. his mother married someone rich and had jaejoong.. and he was completely forgotten by his mom.. this angered him more and planned on revenge to his mother and his family. he asked jaejoong out. they dated at the same time he sucked some information about his mom from jaejoong. they made love and all.until jaejoong introduced him to his parents as his boyfriend. and yunho also introduced himself as his mother's first son. everybody was shocked. yunho revealed that he just used jaejoong to take revenge to his mother. the mother begged for forgiveness and pleaded yunho to live with them. yunho accepted but still got plans in mind. he planned on hurting jaejoong more emotionally. he still made advances on the man but jaejoong refused cause he felt that it is shameful and they're creating a very big sin. jaejoong still loves yunho more than a brother that's why he's hurting more so he planned on migrating to any country to forget the feeling. but yunho started yearning for him so he followed. there, they confessed to each other and became lovers once again. now how are they going to fight for their forbidden love? will it lead to happy ending or sad ending??

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06 April 2010 @ 08:08 pm
yunho hated going to the dentist ever since he was young but he was forced to do some check-ups for his job. he was dragged by his friends in the clinic. yunho was surprised on how gorgeous the dentist is, who was jaejoong. since yunho was still resisting to lay on the dentist's chair, jaejoong was forced to us a sleeping gas on him.  so yunho fell asleep but once he woke up, he was already tied up on the chair and found the dentist molesting on him. blah blah blah (inserts smutty scenes).. and that's how yunho started to like dentists especially jaejoong...

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06 April 2010 @ 07:51 pm
jae's job is a porn star.. and he really loves his job. until he met yunho and the two dated. yunho really loves jae so he wanted him to stop his job. jae promised to him that he would stop it but he still did it without his boyfriend knowing. until yunho found out about it and formulated a plan on how to punish him. jaejoong's next big project was bdsm... he was surprised when the person he's acting with was..... YUNHO!! and that is how yunho's gonna punish his disobedient boyfriend...